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Locus Wines Private Tasting in North Capitol Hill, August 25th, 2019

In collaboration with our in-house culinarian, Ton Yazici, we hosted a private tasting party for Joshua and Angie Burgin.


Locus Wines Wine Club Blending Event, August 13th, 2019

30 members blended. Ate. Competed. Fun was had.



Locus Wines Cru Selections Appreciation Dinner, August 10th, 2019

Cru Selections, Locus Wines’ distributor in WA and ID, celebrated the third year of Locus Wines collaboration at the winery with a 10-course dinner by Ton Yazici of ESCA. Let’s just say, everyone was full and happy.



Locus Wines Summer Party in Madrona, July 27, 2019

We had over 100 people come through yesterday and what a day. People drank and ate and had a good time, helping us launch 2018 Locus Modo White, 2017 Sémillon and 2017 Modo Red (a blend that is 70% Merlot). Cantaloupe Gazpacho and Dukkah Shrimp were the winners for the day, with Eggplant Caprese right on their tails.

Thanks to everyone that showed up. Thanks to Seattle Culinary Academy students who worked the event and made it special: Christopher, Michael, Elaina, Devon, Coco and Adj. Even bigger thanks to those who helped us put the event on, our friends and volunteers, Shama, Lindsay, Joy, Josh, Birgit, Carol, Eric and Patrick. Here is a sampler of pics from the party… The bottles, the food (courtesy of ESCA Catering), the flowers (courtesy of Blackhouseflowers), and of course the volunteers.

Locus Wines at Hellam’s Vineyard in La Conner, WA, Saturday, March 16, 2019

A lot of tweed (there was a tweed bike run), a lot of fun in the 60+ degree sunny day.


Locus Wines Socius Wine Club Bistro Event at Seattle Culinary Academy, Seattle, WA, Saturday, March 2, 2019

Socius (Locus Wines wine club) wine club’s second annual bistro event was a big one, compared to last year’s. We had over 100 folks with us at the beautiful Seattle Culinary Academy, tasting the past (2014 Rosé, 2016 Locus Rosé, 2014 Locus Modo Red, 2013 Locus Red) and some of the future (2016 Barbera, 2016 Cabernet Sauignon and 2016 Locus Strand Vineyard Syrah) Locus Wines releases, while nibbling on rabbit paté, cheeses and other goodness. Those club members who couldn’t make it: We are sorry but you should be sorry too. You missed out. We will catch you next time.

Here are some crowd-sourced imagery from the event. Thank you, Alice G. and others for the impromptu photography work.


Locus Wines Fall Party, Seattle, WA, Saturday, November 18, 2019

A little over 150 people were in attendance at the Locus Wines Fall Party on Saturday, November 17th. The weather was dry and sunny and the people festive. The brand new 2015 Locus Cabernet Franc and 2015 Locus Red were qualified hits and the food hit the mark. Here are a few things you missed out on, unless you were here of course…. These parties do not happen automagically. We rely on our awesome friend-volunteers (Birgit, Carol, Collene, Eric, Josh, Jeanie, Lindsey, Tori) and family (Shama, Scott, Tony). Add an amazing group of select culinarians from Seattle Culinary Academy to serve in the kitchen (Chris, Ell, Fox, Daniel, Coco, Emily and Jack) and only then, magic.

Locus Wines Summer Party, July 28, 2018

8 wines, with food pairings. Beautiful flowers, weather….


Locus Wines Blending Event, June 2018

4 different type of varietals, 3 teams… The Locus wine club members got together in the Tasting Room downtown Seattle to do their own blends from 2017 wines. Biggest challenge? Trying to make sense of the wines that are not quite ready for prime time. This is what winemakers do though: They guess how the wines are going to turn so that they can make educated decisions for blending. In addition to wine, the club members enjoyed a luscious kale, apple and red cabbage salad with green peppercorn honey vinaigrette, lamb pastry, caramelized onion and cheese squares, summer squash bites with mozzarella and a few other bites for dinner.


Locus Wines Bistro Event, March 2018

Every year, over the course of two days, the wine club members are treated to a bistro event at the winery in Seattle, where for two hours, they enjoy past Locus Wines releases and sample future wines. No current wines you say? Well, what is the point? They can enjoy those during any other event. While they chat with the winemaker, they also get to feast on some elaborate charcuterie platters rich with cheeses, meats, pastries, spreads and god know what else… The event takes multiple days to produce since we don’t want to rush people. Members bring a guest and they have two hours to enjoy the happenings. Then on to the next two hours with more members… Good times.


Locus Wines Dinner at Seattle Tennis Club, February 23rd, 2018

An exclusive wine dinner for Seattle Tennis Club members, presented by Chef Tyler Hefford-Anderson. A group of dozen winelovers dined with winemaker Rich Burton, enjoying some amazing fish (fluke, salmon, snapper) as well as a roasted loin of lamb. How about that cocoa and olive sponge cake with tabacco ice cream? Oh yes.



Locus Wines Fall Party, November 11th, 2017

Despite the weather, Locus followers came in droves: We suspect about 150-175 people filled up the halls.


Locus Wines Summer Party, July 15th, 2017

Another summer, another beautiful party.

Locus Wines Fall Party, November 12th, 2016

Approximately 110-125 showed up for the party. The weather was a bit blustery at first and then calmed down to a pretty night actually.


Locus Wines Summer Party, July 9, 2016

Approximately 150-180 showed up for the party. 70% of them, first timers. The weather held up, too, despite threats of rain all week.

Spring Rosé Event (5 Rosés and A Red), April 9, 2016

Approximately 90 Locus loyalists enjoyed the food and wine and the 70+ degree weather on Saturday, April 9th in the Madrona location. Flowers as always by Blackhouse Flowers.

TASTE WASHINGTON, April 2-3, 2016

Over 225 wineries, 60 food establishments, etc. and many slightly intoxicated people. TASTE Washington is an annual rite of passage for the wine business in Seattle and we oblige to celebrate. Wines by Locus, flowers by Blackhouse Flowers.

The New Vintage, A TASTE WASHINGTON Event, April 1, 2016

This is the one where we got matched with Jason Stratton (the Jason Stratton) to pour the Locus Sémillon and Locus Rosé. Also pouring with us, Tildio Winery, who unfortunately ran out of wine an hour into the event. Well, maybe fortunately for us. We end up hanging out with Jason for a long time. Not sure if he appreciated us geeking out on him but there were plenty others geeking out there: People wanted pictures with Jason. So badly. He kindly obliged. To quote the Skyler of the Nakkens, ‘he is such a scholar and a gentleman.’

P.S. The carrot hummus (roasted carrots, tahini, cumin and lime) garnished with za’atar and olive oil was amazing and the Sémillon complemented flavors really well.

State & Lemp Winemaker’s Dinner, March 16, 2016

Over 20 guests, six courses, one intermezzo. A lot of fun, excitement and pride.


Minnesota Food and Wine Experience, March 5-6, 2016

3,500 people on Saturday, 1,500 on Sunday. Lots of wine, food and fun.

November Fall Release Party, November 14, 2015

Over 135 people came through our Madrona location to taste the new releases… We are going to need a bigger space.



Fall Bottling Event, October 30, 2015

We huddled up with our volunteers/friends to label copious amounts of red wine. It was cold and boring (labeling should always be done at time of bottling, we think but we had no choice this time around) but come dinner time, it was all forgiven. The nice sun breaks next morning did not hurt either.


2015 Gold Medal Experience Seattle Wine Awards Tasting, September 12, 2015

We had the opportunity to pour the double-gold winning 2012 Locus Syrah and the gold awarded 2014 Locus Semillon at the Seattle Wine Awards’ annual Gold Medal experience that took place on September 12th at the Seattle Marriott on the seafront.


Bottling 2014 Vintage Reds, August 2015

One and a half day of bottling of almost 1,000 cases of wine… Whew. It helps to have a few good great friends and a small crew.


Bottling 2014 Vintage Whites and Roses, March 5-7, 2015

Two full days of bottling the whites plus labeling all (including the already bottled Reds) translated into tow full days of fun and pain in equal measure. We made sure we added a third day to the weekend to taste some great wines in Yakima, Prosser and Zillah.


Blending Trials for 2014 Vintage Rhone Blend, July 2015

A weekend of experimentation with various blend options. Tough work.


Barrique Imports Wine Buyer Showcase, October 13th, 2014

We may have run out of the Semillon (and almost out of the Rosé as well) but we still had the 2012 Syrah as well as the 2013 blend (Syrah and Grenache) to highlight at our distributor’s wine buyer event. And what an event. It was great to meet our stablemates but more importantly, it was amazing to taste the oysters by Taylor Shellfish and to indulge in some serious homemade sausages from our friends at Rain Shadow Meats.


Cone and Steiner Capitol Hill Tasting, September 6th, 2014

Much to our surprise, people came out to taste the wines on Saturday, during what is possibly the last 84+ degree day in Seattle in 2014. Rose and Syrah were the clear winners. Here are several pictures from the event:



Rain Shadow Meats Pioneer Square Tasting, September 5th, 2014

Lots of people, lots of wine, lots of meat (Let’s just say that there were 2 giant Painted Hills ribeyes, a Painted Hills tenderloin as well as several Rain Shadow Meats original sausages in our bags as we walked away) Here are several pictures from that event:

Madrona Wine Merchants Tasting, August 10th, 2014

This was Locus Wines’ first public tasting. On a Sunday afternoon, no less (usually translates as ‘little traffic’). But it worked out. We got a ton of people coming through, a lot of wine sold and more importantly, we got connected to people who ended being our wine distributors in the state of Washington. All in all, a good day.


Locus Wines Official Launch, July 26, 2014

This is when we launched the label to an audience of 150 people, mostly people we know. The bites, designed by our owner/general manager Ton Yazici were big hits, without upstaging the amazing wines.

Locus Wines Celebration Dinner

We hosted some of our family (and those close enough to consider family) for the launch and we wanted a big celebration at the house. Lots of flowers, lights, music, champagne, six-course meal (again designed and executed by Ton Yazici) but more importantly, people who are or like family.