Goodbye 2013 Locus Keller Vineyards Syrah, 2014 Locus Modo Red

2014 Locus Modo Red, as it was known by all who knew it, ran out on November 15, 2017. All 661 cases of the 2014 Locus Modo Red were ‘born’ in November 2015 in Seattle, Washington, as an ‘entry’ level Merlot, Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet blend but surprised all (including us) by its level of sophistication and ability to impress even the connoisseurs of wine. It got great ratings and reviews and sold like hotcakes at the Northwestern bars and restaurants as an accessible glass pour. It was preceded in inventory expiration by its superior, 2013 Locus Syrah from Keller Vineyards which is another sad story to tell but we are too verklempt to address that right now).

Locus Modo Red is survived by 2016 Locus Modo White, 2016 Locus Sémillon, 2016 Locus Rose, 2015 Locus Sud, 2014 Locus Red and 2015 Locus Nord.

Could there be another Modo Red in the works? Yes, yes, there could be. Stay tuned.

Locus at Esquin, Blueacre, Tanakasan, Serafina, Fry Art Museum, Joe Bar and More…

Just in time for the summer, a few locations in Seattle (either expanded their offering of or) added Locus Wines:

  • Blueacre wine list currently includes the 2012 Locus Syrah, StoneTree Vineyard
  • Serafina, Tanakasan, Frye Art Museum, Joe Bar, Palace Kitchen, Salted Sea, Hazelwood, Red Cow, Joule are now pouring 2015 Locus Rosé by the glass
  • Central Market Co-op at Shoreline, Madison Central Co-op and European Vine Selections (The Wine Shop) have added the Rosé to their shelves in addition to other Locus selections
  • MKT is now pouring the 2014 Locus Modo Red
  • Leschi Market now carries the 2015 Locus Rosé, in addition to 2014 Locus Modo and the 91WS 2013 Locus Red
  • Esquin in SoDo is carrying the 2013 Locus Red

Marrow + Locus

263271_10150251106009504_4780766_nWe’ve been too busy getting the 2014 vintage white and roses ready (and the 2013 red) so apologies for being absent for a while.

We have not kept up with mentioning all the locations that carry Locus Wines lately, so we thought it is never too late to restart.

This time, we introduce Marrow Kitchen Bar in downtown Tacoma, on 6th Avenue. The menu is simultaneously classical, eclectic and eccentric. That’s almost impossible to pull. Any menu that can pull off tater tots few inches away from foie gras is OK by me (I am an aspiring chef currently in training myself).

We have to admit that their cocktails are amazing as their food and wine list. You can visit Marrow’s website to check it or follow them on Twitter.


La Conner, WA: Hellams Vineyard Welcomes Locus

HellamsHellams Vineyard, La Conner’s premium location for wine, spirits and beer since 2004, has included Locus Wines in its selection. They have quite a bit of the 2013 Locus Stonetree Vineyard Syrah up there now. In addition to a great wine selection, they offer a great website with lots of cool pictures (of food and wine mostly. The kind we like). Hellams Vineyard is on North 1st St. in La Conner (109 North 1st St., Suite 101 in La Conner, WA 98257 to be more specific) and in addition to selling wine, they also have a wine club and frequent winemaker dinners.

Locus to West Seattle: Circa, Beveridge Place Pub Join the Club

beveridge place pub circa

With almost a month’s delay, we are pleased to announce that Beveridge Place Pub West Seattle ( at 6413 California Ave SW, Seattle, Washington 98136, to be exact) is now carrying the 2013 Locus Rose. And not too far from the Beveridge Place Pub, we have reports of small batch 2012 Locus Stonetree Vineyard Syrah purchase by Circa Neighborhood Grill and Alehouse (at 2605 California Ave Sw, Seattle, WA 98116). Well, West Seattle. Welcome to the fold. It was about time.

2012 Locus Syrah On Talulah’s Wine List

Brunch_Tallulahs-22012 Locus Stonetree Vineyard Syrah is now on Linda Derschang’s latest creation, Tallulah’s, a stylish and comfortable neighborhood cafe in North Capitol Hill.

The design of Tallulah’s is inspired by Morocco and Spain, a love of mid-century design and the feeling of Big Sur in the 1970’s. There is a large outside garden area for warm weather dining, a long marble bar and the space has a light, airy feeling with plenty of natural light (The chairs at the bar look funky but are very comfortable).

Chef Walter Edward has created a menu that is vegetable-driven without being vegetarian, with a razor sharp focus on seasonality and simplicity.

It feels good to make the short list on a menu that is simultaneously seasonal and elegant, with flavor profiles that are simple and complex in the same bite.

2013 Rhone Blend Sneak Peek at Barrique Imports Event

BarriqueEvent3_smaller So we did a rookie thing: We actually poured an upcoming release, 5 months ahead of its commercial availability. And at our distributor, Barrique Imports’ buyers’ event, no less. Well, we are proud of our mistake. The 2013 Syrah Grenache blend (66% Syrah, the rest Grenache… we don’t have a name for it yet) received some glowing reviews from people who buy wines for retailers and restaurants. Four weeks into the bottle (after a year-long stay in barrels), the blend is showing a lot of character already. The nose and the finish taste like it may overshadow the 2012 StoneTree Vineyard Syrah. We shall see soon enough. The blend will be available when we launch the 2014 Locus white and rosé in March of 2015. Check out the images from the event on the Gallery page.

And This Little Piggy (Le Petit Cochon) Went Locus, Locus, Locus

aff57997316ca39c5fd6d59b37253085According to Seattle Times, “Chef/proprietor Derek Ronspies is a thoughtful cook with a playful side. Though he loves to explore the head-to-toe possibilities of food, the frequently changing menu at this intimate and engaging restaurant goes beyond duck feet, pig face and blood sausage to include fine soups, salads and seafood, plus a “Phat Ass” pork chop that demands respect.”

We say, yes, whatever they said.

Le Petit Cochon, located at 701 North 36th Street, is Ronspies’ post-Art of the Table gig and we cannot be more happy that the Freemont staple has chosen to put the 2012 Locus Stonetree Vineyard Syrah on their wine (short)list.

The menu changes frequently at the venue so there is absolutely no excuse to not go often. Visit the Le Petit Cochon website to read more about the ‘farm to tail to toe’ (as in using the whole pig) principle and for more information about the restaurant.