Goodbye 2013 Locus Keller Vineyards Syrah, 2014 Locus Modo Red

2014 Locus Modo Red, as it was known by all who knew it, ran out on November 15, 2017. All 661 cases of the 2014 Locus Modo Red were ‘born’ in November 2015 in Seattle, Washington, as an ‘entry’ level Merlot, Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet blend but surprised all (including us) by its level of sophistication and ability to impress even the connoisseurs of wine. It got great ratings and reviews and sold like hotcakes at the Northwestern bars and restaurants as an accessible glass pour. It was preceded in inventory expiration by its superior, 2013 Locus Syrah from Keller Vineyards which is another sad story to tell but we are too verklempt to address that right now).

Locus Modo Red is survived by 2016 Locus Modo White, 2016 Locus Sémillon, 2016 Locus Rose, 2015 Locus Sud, 2014 Locus Red and 2015 Locus Nord.

Could there be another Modo Red in the works? Yes, yes, there could be. Stay tuned.

Fall Release Open House on Saturday, Nov 14th, 1-6PM in Madrona

Come join us for our November release party and taste the all current Locus releases and meet the three new members of the lineup: The 2013 Keller Syrah and the 2014 Modo Red, as well as the November event-only edition of Rich’s “Garage” Sémillon dedicated to our Baby Beyaz, who will only be joining us in spirit from now on.

IMG_0300.jpg (small)The 2013 Locus Keller Vineyard Syrah is our first 100% Naches Heights AVA wine. It’s a relatively small, higher elevation vineyard from which we are extremely excited about sourcing fruit on a regular basis. The wine is elegant and refined, and soon to be extinct: We produced only 48 cases.

The 2014 Locus Modo Red is ourDocument Name_20151018_edited1_smaller first foray into the “value wine” market (i.e. cheap and cheerful, easy-drinking… Modo means now, ready in Latin). It’s a blend of Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, and Cab. We believe it’s delicious and actually find it pretty rich in tannin (fancy way of us saying ‘it will last a few years’).


The 2014 Locus “Garage” Sémillon is the winemaker’s pet project. At last summer’s release party, you all were mad we could not sell the garage wines. This time we can (special permit apparently). The wine is dedicated to our recently deceased dog/child, Beyaz. We somehow thought she’d outlive us all. Alas, not the case. We will sell bottles of Beyaz Sémillon at $10 per bottle. $5 from each bottle sale will go to Seattle Humane Society – folks who blessed us with 13+ plus years of happiness and the occasional disapproving looks.

As always, we will pair the wines with creative bites from our resident Culinary Arts student: We’ve got some old favorites (hello, lamb pastry!) along with some new ones (cider-braised pork belly, handmade pasta, rye berry and buckwheat groats with chanterelles, and more) that will pair brilliantly with the Locus wines.

Saturday, November 14th.
1:00 – 6:00 pm

1515 Madrona Drive, Seattle, WA 98122
(One and a half block west of Lake Washington Blvd and Madrona Drive)

Want to Join Us?
You can RSVP here on the site, by filling out the form below or view the event on our Facebook page and RSVP there. Whichever way, make the time, come see us. Taste the wines.