Locus at Esquin, Blueacre, Tanakasan, Serafina, Fry Art Museum, Joe Bar and More…

Just in time for the summer, a few locations in Seattle (either expanded their offering of or) added Locus Wines:

  • Blueacre wine list currently includes the 2012 Locus Syrah, StoneTree Vineyard
  • Serafina, Tanakasan, Frye Art Museum, Joe Bar, Palace Kitchen, Salted Sea, Hazelwood, Red Cow, Joule are now pouring 2015 Locus Rosé by the glass
  • Central Market Co-op at Shoreline, Madison Central Co-op and European Vine Selections (The Wine Shop) have added the Rosé to their shelves in addition to other Locus selections
  • MKT is now pouring the 2014 Locus Modo Red
  • Leschi Market now carries the 2015 Locus Rosé, in addition to 2014 Locus Modo and the 91WS 2013 Locus Red
  • Esquin in SoDo is carrying the 2013 Locus Red